Qustion: Is this E30 M3 still available for sale?
Answer:No, this E30 M3 S38-B36 was sold and the new owner is not selling it. I have been asked many time from people who wants to buy this car from the new owner.

Question: Who built this particular E30 M3 S38 swap?
Answer: The entire swap was done by me without any helpers or subcontractors. It was built in-House with countless hours of discipline, enthusiasm, and fun!

Question: Are you able to build me another one like this? But I like S54…etc engine better than S38.
Answer: Yes, I can. If you are interested in a similar conversion/swap or you have an idea with say a S54 into an E30 M3 and you want to start a restoration project, please contact me for further details.

Question: How much will it cost me to do a such a swap?
Answer: To complete a full restoration as this E30 M3, I have done/built from bumper to bumper and it's not cheap! As I often say, “Quality has its price.” I often have been asked if we can fit it in a $25k range and answer is: absolutely NO.

Question: Why so much?
Answer: Lots of people have asked me why we can't make something like this for $25k…?
I advice people to sit and take a piece of paper and pencil with the rubber eraser and start calculate approximately the parts that you want involved in the project... Start putting down some numbers for the actual chassis car if you don’t have one if you do own and E30 M3 you count only parts, brakes, wheels, engine gear box, tons of parts, engine management, paint work is not cheap! I work with a Hot Rod Shop who prepares cars for shows. The high level of restoration is MY way of doing all restorations! I do not work with paint shops who do $3-5k paint jobs. I call it “10 Feet Paint Job.” After calculating the parts/paint job, you must add someone who has the same passion as I have; to build this car to perfectection… simply called, LABOR. Finally, you will visualize on that piece of paper why and how the numbers climb very fast and then perhaps you’ll understand that this is impossible to build cheap.

Question: I have a car (ie. E30 M3, E24 M6) and I want to do only engine swap without paint work/interior work and without suspension work. Can you do only the swap only without exterior restoration ?
Answer: Absolutely. Please contact me for further details.

Hope this helps steer you in right direction.