BMW 1988 Model E28 M5, Schwarz/Natur, 58k miles
Legendary S38-B35, 2nd owner car
Near perfect condition. Books and records,
Clean title

Car Description

Exterior is Schwarz. The pain is all original and shines like very good for its age. The front hood has been repainted due to freeway rock chips. The car has never been in any tip of accidents, all VIN# are in place. Head lights are changed with the newer kind silvania. Bumper chin is cracks free, Fog lights are cracks free, BMW logo emblems are in good condition, Rear spoiler rubber shows some minimal wear, Moldings are in good condition, There are few parking small dents and I am in a process to remove them by using paint less dent removal, Windows are clean and chip free. The original BBS 16 inc has been powder coated much stronger than paint, new tires.
Interior is Natur. The interior is in very clean condition I would scale 9+ out of 10, I replaced the dash with crack free one, The dash has been professional finished in the same color as the interior, It is very nice ambient, it does not attract sun and its cooler inside, Euro look. AC works cold and it has been converted to R134 system, Sunroof works both ways, All speakers work perfect, Head liner is in great shape, Working map light rear view mirror, BMW factory alarm.
Mechanical The legendary S38 is absolute bone stock, not chip or any kind of modifications are ever made. I did Valve adjustment done like a month ago, new spark plugs, new 10W-60 oil. New accumulators rear self leveling suspension works perfect, Front new shocks, new thermostat, new distributor cap and rotor, The engine is healthy and pulls hard to the red line with no problem, it does pass smog with no problem, transmission is very good, new engine mount.
Car history / Condition I purchased this car about one and a half year ago from the original owner, lady. I purchased this car from NJ where she lives. The place she is living does not have covered garage just open parking I found that normal for nj residents..? The lady used the car as a daily driver and but definitely not garage queen. The rule woman does not know how to take care of car is truth. The paint is all original and its shows some thinning areas but you have to search for it , pin stripes are in perfect condition, Since the car is from NJ there is some rust areas above the rear muffler the long piece behind the bumper, some minor rust around the fender behind the front drivers wheel, It has shimming and the lower control arms are due I am in a process to change them, the rest of the suspension is fine.

This car has low miles and it is perfect for daily driver and plenty of miles of enjoyment! I got this car with planning to keep it and restore to show condition for my family 4 door sedan. I own few E24 M6’s and I am starting 3rd E30 M3 swap conversion to have fun on the race track and this E28 M5 is sitting in my garage covered and collecting dust. My wife does not want to drive it because she has her suv. This car is perfect affordable entry level for truth BMW Enthusiast! I am rating this car perfect for daily driver ready for lots of miles and Saturday cars and caffe show.

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