BMW 1991 Model E34 M5 Sedan, S38-B36 315hp
87.461 Miles since New! Leather, California Car, No Rust, Mint condition
1st Owner since New! With Books and Records
Maintenance inspection done
Hand build by BMW Motorsport GmbH
For those who are interest in!
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Intro: This is a Second generation M5 coded E34 chassis. This chassis has all the features that the 1st generation E28 M5 was missing at that time. Very quite inside, more loaded OBC, different engine management, one touch button windows, sunroof. Dual climate independent climate control. Engine is boosted to 3.6L and 10.0 compression 315hp 262ftq, speed is limited to 250km/h Delimited 270km/h V-max. E34 M5 will remain in BMW history as one of the most successful hand built BMW M-Cars ever. It took one week from the small M-GmbH team to build one car!
Exterior: is Alpine White. The paint is very shiny and is all original. The clear coat is deep and shiny white without fading. All the plastic grills are in good condition. Brand new Euro head lights have been installed with H1 bulbs, the Wheels are off of a E38 740i sport and the size is front 8.0J on rear 9.5J Te tires are Brand new with new BMW logos, All original VIN# stickers are in place including the one on the bumpers, No rust what so ever always California car. The car was garaged for most of its life!
Interior: The Black Genuine factory leather is very soft, smells like the typical BMW leather. The interior leather is without wear except for the divers seat bolster (very minimal wear) I would rate from it a 9.5 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being best). The car has a Sony stereo with BMW CD player located in the trunk. I have the original factory Radio as well. The sunroof works perfectly in both directions, the climate control is working properly, AC blows cold, The head liner is very tight with no peeling Note (very typical for E34 car) Cluster pixels work well. The electrical seats work in all positions. Car includes an illuminated shift knob and a light window tint. It has all the books and records. All original keys including the valet key.
Mechanical: the legendary and absolute hand built S38-B36 is completely original with 87k miles and it operates with no issues. The engine idles is smooth and it pulls hard as you expect from all S38 all the way to the red line. The car passed smog check with flying numbers. It doesn't over heat; the temp always stays before the middle range as it should regardless of the weather condition outside. The factory original Cosmoline wax is still there. The self leveling suspension is working as it should. The suspension is very tight and it does not make any funny noises. Steering gear box is tight and with no play. Gear box shifts smoothly. Clutch does not slip. Brakes are very good with lots of life left.
Durability on the S38: Note (I have few friends with E34 M5 most of them pass the mark of 200k miles! and the one with most miles/km is back in Europe. He got the car back in 1996 at 125k miles and so far the car has 268K miles on the clock and he recently changed only timing chain and components! Believe it or not, it's a fact I am amazed how many miles it can go with proper maintenance and yearly oil change.) The car I am offering to you has only 87k original documented miles. With the following 3 maintenance rules will bring very long engine life. Yearly oil change using synthetic oil grade 10W-60 eather Castrol or Lubro moly, never over heat. Following this 3 rules 200k miles is not a problem for S38 engine.
General wear: the front lower part under the pumper chin is cracked; there are few small (very obscure) rock chips on the front hood, normal for its age. The windshield molding has few cracks here and there. (typical for e34) . The driver's seat shows some minimal wear only on the bolster. These small imperfection are lost in the whole pictures
Shipping: I ship cars all over the world and I use solid shipping company that I have been using for more than 6 years and I can ship National wide and World wide, including full insurance. Contact me for a quote in your area code or specific place.
About me: I have 100% positive feedback and I want to keep it like that. The reason I am selling this car is because I have too many BMW's M-cars and I don't need this one sitting and collecting dust. I have a daily driver 88 E24 M6 and this is my favorite M-car.
This model E34 M5 is owned by true BMW Enthusiast who understands the real M-car ! Not like those who are buying last model of BMW M-cars.
If you are a serious buyer and have any questions about this M5 please call me at 323.702.6733 name is Anri.
Thanks for your time looking at my ad. If you want to learn more about me please look at my license plate website.