About me.
I was born and raised in mother Europe. My parents are artists and in 1990, my father developed art pictures (technique, collages) for Mercedes, Porsche and BMW for showrooms in Stuttgart, Germany. Successful with his work, my father has been driving a Mercedes my entire life and has owned a total of twelve Mercedes. The first car he bought was a W108 280SE 4 door. He currently owns a rare Lilac color Euro W129 300SL-24. As a child, when he returned home from Stutgard, Germany he always brought me brochures for Mercedes, hence, the start of my love for Mercedes and BMW cars. At this time, the newest BMW models were: E34 M5, E30 M3, E28 M5, E34 535i, 730i, 850i and from Mercedes: W126 560SEL, W126 560SEC, W129 500SL W124 300D...  Porsche 911...  The following trip, my father brought home small model cars, the 190E-2.5-16 and 280SE 3.5 V8. My passion for German cars continued to grow and the beginning of my life with cars began.

Little story about my first Mercedes-Benz and BMW M635CSI… When I got my drivers license at the age of 17 in 1995, I got my first classic car Mercedes. It was a 1972 W115 200D manual 4 speed.  It was not in the condition I wanted so I rebuilt the entire car. I took joy in rebuilding the car and I gradually grew very skilled and familiar with these classic cars. My second Benz was a cherry condition, German grey color, non metallic, with perfect white cloth interior W115 220D. To this day I regret selling it.

My first BMW-///M… One day a friend of mine offered me a BMW 1985 Royal blue E24 6 series. I paid for the car without even seeing it. I trusted him. I got exited because this will be my first BMW. The condition was pretty good, 8 out of 10. The interior was M cloth. The first time I saw the speedometer it showed 280km/h-170mph rpm redline from 6500 to 8000 and had the little ///M badge. It took me 20mins to open the front hood as I didn’t even know how (E24 has different way to open the hood). Once I opened the hood, I saw the engine valve cover had a little BMW logo and reads M Power.
I had no CLUE what kind of BMW was this! The next day, a few friends and I decided to go to the Golden Sand Black Sea to have fun. One of them was driving a Black 84”Corvette C4 manual gear box, the other W129 500SL 91” (a very fast car) and I drove the new BMW E24 6. As you know, in Europe we drive like crazy without any speed limits. We started to race each other on the Autobahn at night (no traffic and cold air) I was driving and I passed the Vette. The top speed for the Vette was topped at 240km/h 140mph and couldn’t go faster. The Benz was equal but at the high end it was needled at 260km/h-160mph and I got the 274km/h-~170mph red line. The driver with the 500SL was impressed that he couldn’t maintain the top speed of my BMW. I too was amazed and surprised by my new BMW’s performance. After the trip I came back and started to research what kind of BMW I had and I was eager to learn all about the car. I opened the BMW brochure my dad brought me from Germany which contained information about E24. I got the specs for the model that is M635CSI with ///M aerodynamic factory kit, no AC, no self leveling suspension, lightweight and the engine is 286hp M88/3, 10.5 compression ratio and factory with no Catalyst! 3.73LSD final drive ratio, and cross spoke BBS RS 16" wheels.

Today, I currently own a first street generation BMW ///M Cars followed by Dimond Shwartz E30 M3 with Euro engine S38-B38, US E28 M5 with Black interior, E24 M6 1988 Black over Nature. All the cars are in showroom condition!

Little by little my hobby became my business. I live in sunny Southern California and export high end cars to Europe from the US market. I also sell good quality European cars in mint condition. My goal is customer satisfaction and at the end of every sale my main concern is that the customer is thrilled with their Classic European car.