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1990 BMW “Hot Rod” E30 M3 S54-B32, Silver/Black


History: This fast and fun “Hot Rod” BMW E30M3 was purchased by my customer and very hard core Car Collector back in 2013. Since then, I was responsible for the development and all the upgrades. This car, along with the other (2) E30M3s brothers, has been always garaged and protected from the sun and rain. It has been driven by the owner on weekends for fun.
Exterior: The Silver paint finish is very clean and presentable. The body is straight without any damages. Door moldings, door handles, window glass are all very clean. Wheels are BBS Style 5 in 18” inches and brought from Europe because they are not available in US. The Michelin Pilot Sport has less than 700miles and they are a great choice of hi performance street enthusiasts. The head lights are smoked to get that aggressive European style. These lights are only offered in the European market and of course they are Hella brand. In order to improve night visibility, a Xenon bulb 5000k has been installed. The fog lights has been removed to fit brake ducting. European front head lights grill are installed as well. The center kidney grill, ‘M3’ emblem, hood BMW Logo are all Brand New. The bumper has no cracks what so ever.
Interior: The Black Recaro Evo seats were reupholstered with Genuine Leather, and in order to match, the rear seats were re-done as well. The carpet is very, very clean without any spots. It has a extremely rare AC Schitzer Leather steering wheel, Brand New 6 spd illuminated shift knob including the boot and hand brake. No Cracks on the dash what so ever. Sunroof operates as it should. The Stereo system has been upgraded and includes an amplifier and “ in trunk boom bass.” The sound is clear and good. The AC Blows Ice cold !!! With Brand New(not refurbished) Denso. All 4 door panels are re-done in leather. The RPM gauge has been retained stock and also a custom mods has been done in order to retain the Factory E30M3 factory Oil Temperature gauge.
Mechanical: The S54-B32 engine runs very strong and fantastic. It does pull very hard through all the gears. It had a valve adjustment done less than 500miles, new 10W-60 oil. The engine has retained the double oil pick up and oil pan done and modified with the subframe by ArcAlusym. His job is fantastic. Due to the rear sump, the Sway bare has been moved upfront in order to clear, custom pillow blocks are made with locking collars in order to take the regular bushing slop away and the collars prevent the sway bar to move during work out. The sway bar is Brand New H@R adjustable and includes brand new adjustable sway bar links. The front Suspension is adjustable right height, it also has double adjustable Koni shocks compression and rebound rears are sport non adjustable Koni. Z4 M Very Rare and expensive Steering rack has been installed with very quick ratio. The Brand New 97 E36M3 controls are a great upgrade, extending the wheel base by pushing the wheel forward. New bushings are installed. The OBD-plug has been retained in order to scan and diagnose the system as on the Factory E46M3. It is placed inside the glove box for quick scan/ test. Brakes are from Willwood, front and back with aluminum hats to reduce weight. The Exhaust is Custom built using dual 2.5 inch piping. U bents are used to retain the diameter all the way, a custom X pipe as well. The exhaust has a complete rap with hi heat and sound material (this can be removed if desired). The cats are retained as well to keep the air clean. The 6-speed G420 Gear box has been rebuilt to ensure new parts and crisp shifting through the gears. A JBR 8.5 Single mass Light weight flywheel+E34M5 pressure plate plus clutch disc in order is upgraded. There is a short shifter kit and it takes away the factory long throw but at the same time, it is very nice and not too short so when you drive aggressively you can have a hard time to shifting gears. A complete Dynamath has been installed under the carpet to reduce noise (it can be removed if desired - it is very easy). The rear spoiler paint is cracked which is very common on these spoilers in time. For the final and main test, we put the car with a full tool kit, regular large battery, and a full tank of gas on the scales and its total weight was: 2980pounds with all that luxuries ! A regular E46M3 weighs around 3515pounds so the E30M3 is significantly less in weight. The weight distribution has not been changed much and it barely moved to 51.8% with the suspension dialed up. The car handles great and it’s very quick around the bents and it’s very controllable. In most Shops that perform the S54 swap inside E30, they are all modifying cylinder #6 S54 Intake box in order to clear the booster. Personally, I don’t like taking air away…so to retain the Intake to almost original, I moved the Booster to the Left in order to clear the Intake.
Overall Impression of this E30M3 S54 ‘Hot Rod”: You can take this car on long trips or to a local store or next day sign up for your local track event to have fun and at the same time, surprise the guys with E92M3… As we have done many times.

Price is 62,674 if you are serious we are taking offers near by the asking price.

If you have any specific questions please e-mail me or call at 323-702-6733.