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BMW E30M3 1990 - Paint code 308/3 Brillantrot

Original 13k miles.

History: This low millage car has been in a Collector’s hands since day one. The previous owner was Paul Walker and it was apart of his personal car collection. The car was later purchased by another collector (my customer) and I have been responsible for the maintenance of his entire collection.
Exterior: This car has 100% Original Paint Panels and that can be proven with s paint meter gauge. The Front headlights have been upgraded with Original BMW OEM Hella European Head lights. We have the Original US head lights the car came with and it can be put back if desired. The exterior is very clean and straight. The current owner installed an Evo wheel, which are 16x.7.5. Again, we have the original 15 inches if desired to put back.
Interior: Is spotless! Excellent condition and it shows its low 13k miles. The AC works Ice Cold.
Mechanical: Engine runs just like you would expect! It runs perfectly. The 5-speed Gearbox shift smoothly as it should.
Impression: The car drives very tight. Everything is in pristine condition. It drives just as the millage shows. Great Investment.

If you have any specific questions please e-mail me or call at 323-702-6733.